Soft Sole Shoes Benefits

Did you know our brains get as many sensory messages from our feet as our hands? With thick cushioned supportive shoes, we cut off an important sensory feedback from foot to brain. When a baby is barefoot, the muscles in her feet grip the floor and her toes separate as she walks. This is the natural movement of the foot muscles and body to maintain the balance and coordination preventing your baby from falling over.

Now imagine if your baby is wearing hard, tight or restrictive shoes. The muscles in her feet can’t do what they naturally should. Cruisers, early walkers and young children learn to walk by gripping their toes on the ground and they don’t need arch support.

Which is why going barefoot is always ideal and encouraged!

Our modern environment, however, is unsafe and unhygienic to walk barefoot and we certainly don’t recommend any infants walking and exploring barefoot while out and about. 

At Mokksies, we explored and put to design what is considered the next best thing to bare skin. We discovered that leather is very similar to our human skin. It acts as a breathable, protective layer when worn as shoes. Leather is soft enough to move with baby’s feet and not restrict the natural movement of the foot.