The Mokksies Baby Shoes Moccasin Design

We know what little feet need when learning to walk. They need to be free to move around and they need to feel the ground below. They also need to be protected from sharp, hot or dangerous surfaces while ensuring traction, durability and comfort are not compromised. Also, they need to be made with natural materials and should be gentle on a baby’s skin!  Can you imagine a baby shoe packed with all these features?!

We did and that’s where our baby moccasins come in.

 We designed our baby moccasins with a lot of attention to detail. To get the right comfort, fit, ease of wear and quality– our moccs went through multiple trial, errors and fitting sessions. We explored designs, played with possibilities in textures, colors and proportions to offer you a baby shoe that is simple in design and impressive in its benefits.

FACT : Did you know, If you can’t squash your baby’s shoes in one hand and watch them bounce back into shape again, your baby’s wearing the wrong shoes.


MADE FROM NATURAL MATERIAL: Each of our moccasin is hand-crafted using lightweight supple and soft genuine cow hide leather. The natural suede inners is soft and ensures comfort.

ROOM FOR UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT: Our moccasin doesn’t interfere with the natural movement of your baby’s feet. The wide front design provides ample amount of room for your baby’s toes to spread with every footing. There is also room for your baby to wiggle her toes when she is idle.

SOFT FLEXIBLE SOLES : The leather soles with its natural crosshatched like texture provides traction when your little one starts to stand, cruise, walk or even run!

ENGAGING THE BIO NEURAL FEEDBACK: Our soles are designed with the right amount of thickness. This allows her to feel the texture of the ground beneath her and engage the bio neural feedback that provides her balance and strength. This will in return help to strengthen the little muscles and ligaments in your baby’s feet and ankles. Discover more about the advantages of Soft sole shoes.

DURABLE & EASY TO CARE: The leather we use is durable and make our baby shoes easy to clean and care.

ALLOWS YOUR BABY’S FEET BREATHE: Did you know the natural pores and structure of leather promotes breathability. This allows your baby’s feet to stay cool (and not sweat).

There are more wonderful features to our moccasins. Our baby shoes are simple in design and packed with benefits.

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