Size Guide

Mokksies baby shoes are designed to provide comfort and protection for little feet and it is important to make sure you get the correct size.

Our soft sole shoes run true to a baby’s feet. We would strongly recommend you measure your child’s feet and compare the number against the chart to purchase the correct fit.


 Foot Size  Size
10-10.5cms 1
Upto 11.2cms 2
Upto 12cms 3
Upto 13cms 4
Upto 13.7cms 5
Upto 14.5cms 6


What if my baby’s foot measures in between sizes?

We recommend you consider one size up. E.g.: if your baby’s feet measure 11.2cm, which is size 2- we would advise you to consider purchasing a size 3

My baby’s feet measure 11.8cm, but he/she has wide feet, how do I go about sizing?

Ideally a 11.8cm would fall under the size 3 category. For babies with wide feet, we would recommend you purchase one size up.

Alternatively, you can download our customised measurement sheet and find out your baby’s size or book a free expert consultation session with us!