Sizing Chart


There is nothing more frustrating than buying the wrong sized pair of shoes! Please measure your child’s feet and select the recommended size before making a purchase. 
 Foot Size  Mocc Size
10-10.5cms 1
Upto 11.2cms 2
Upto 12cms 3
Upto 13cms 4
Upto 13.7cms 5
Upto 14.5cms 6


What if my baby’s foot measures in between sizes?

We recommend you consider one size up. E.g.: if your baby’s feet measure 11.2cm, which is size 2- we would advise you to consider purchasing a size 3

My baby’s feet measure 11.8cm, but he/she has wide feet, how do I go about sizing?

Ideally a 11.8cm would fall under the size 3 category. For babies with wide feet, we would recommend you purchase one size up.