Our Story

As founders, our dream is to create products which are experiential. With this vision, we started our company Petite Moda Pte. Ltd and we designed our very first product Mokksies.

Nisha Krishnan, Founder & Designer

“As a designer, I am extremely sensitive to design around me. While reading an article on baby foot development, I realised how badly designed most baby/children’s shoes are! Most modern baby shoes are only fashionable. With time, they entirely missed the purpose of footwear, which is to support and encourage foot development. This realisation sparked an idea!”

Sruthi Santosh, Co-Founder & Director

“My daughter, Sasha, walking was a huge milestone as most parents would know. At this point in her life, I wanted something that was comfortable, easy to wear & encouraged healthy foot development and yet look adorably cute! I struggled to find a good pair of baby shoes and in the end, I had to settle for a shoe that didn’t check all those boxes. So, when Nisha came to me with the idea of starting our own brand of baby footwear, I jumped into it. I want to let other baby/toddler parents experience a baby footwear that can check all boxes."

At every stage, we observed and thoughtfully added unique details. We added colourful soles for an adorable peek-a-boo effect. while walking, making it a delight for mums & dads watching their little baby take their first steps. We noticed how the little feet move, and realised the fringes added a little frolic to every step. So, we made them longer and wider! During trials, much to all the mums' surprise, we noticed how babies loved our Mokksies and refused to remove them! Happy baby, Happy mum!

Love, Nisha & Sruthi - Founders at Mokksies