Q - What type of leather is used to make Mokksies?

- We use 100% genuine leather for all our moccasins.

 Q - Would Mokksies heat up my baby's feet during summer?

- Leather is a porous material, which makes it breathable. As compared to synthetic leather, vinyl or plastic shoes, soft leather allows natural foot function and the feet to breathe when they sweat.

Q - Can I wear Mokksies in wet weather?

- Mokksies are made from 100% genuine leather. Our moccasins are not designed to be worn in wet weather.

Q - What if my little one walks through a puddle of water ?

- Ensure you wipe it dry as soon as possible. Once you remove any surface water, let it air dry in a well ventilated place -naturally. Do not use any fan/ hair dryer to dry your Mokksies.

Q - What methods of payment do you accept?

- We accept all debit/credit cards via Paypal. Simply click the Paypal icon on our payment page. You will be able to complete the transaction using your preferred debit/credit card as a guest user. Please note, you DO NOT NEED a registered Paypal account for our payment. We also process Grab Pay and Apple pay.

Q - How much do you charge for local shipping within Singapore ?

- All shipping within Singapore is FREE. Please note we do not offer free shipping during heavy discount/ flash sales unless specified.

Q - I am not in Singapore, but I would love to buy a pair of Mokksies.

- We ship worldwide! Please note, we offer a SGD25+ for worldwide shipping. Please allow anywhere from 6 - 15 working days for the shipment to reach you. ( Monday - Fridays only). 

Q - I just got my Mokksies, but I feel the elastic is too tight. What do I do?

- Before you get your baby to wear the new Mokksies, stretch the elastic a few times and try again. It takes a couple of wears for the elastic to loosen up.

Q - Oops, I purchased the wrong size!

- Kindly refer to our returns & exchange page for more details.

Q - I just received my pair of Mokksies, why does it seem like the shape on the pair is not a match?

- All our Mokksies are handmade. Hence, there will be a slight variation in shape when the moccasins are finished. Moreover, Mokksies is designed in such a way that there is no right or left in the pair. After a wear or two, the leather will stretch out to it's intended shape of the foot. This does not change or affect the fit of the Mokksies in anyway.

Q - Are Mokksies soft soled moccasins good for walkers?

- Mokksies soft soled moccasins are perfect for children who are starting to walk! Hard-soled shoes were the norm in our parents’ babyhood, but not anymore. According to the American Podiatry Medical Association (APMA) & other studies, it is noted that with soft soles babies grasp the floor with their toes, and this allows them to develop their foot muscles.

Q - How long will it take for my Mokksies to reach me ?

- For delivery within Singapore, we use Janio/ Easy parcel service for all our deliveries. Please allow 3-4 working days for orders to be dispatched delivered to you. For international shipping, please allow 6-15 working days for your orders to be delivered to you ( Subject to customs delay).

Q - Why does your international shipping take so long and why is it so expensive?

- As you know, with COVID-19, international shipping has not only gotten delayed but has also expensive. We are a small business and our orders are fulfilled from Singapore. Hence, we have no control/ very limited options for a fast and affordable international delivery. Do reach out to us for any specific international order. We will try our best to assist you. :)