Baby & Toddler foot care

Babies are born with irresistible feet! Most mums instinctively count their newborn's toes during their first cuddle after the birth, but don't be deceived by their cute little pudgy appearance — beneath the skin's surface is one of the most complex structures in the body.

 Did you know although your baby won't be walking for many months, her body is already programmed to perform this skill.

 A child's feet grow rapidly during the first year, reaching almost half of their adult foot size. This is why podiatrists consider the first year to be the most important in the development of the feet. You may have noticed your baby’s feet are flat. All babies have flat feet. The spring-like arch will develop between the age of two to five. It's important to check your baby's feet. A good foot care during babyhood can reduce the risk of problems, such as poor posture and leg or back pain, in later life.

 Baby & Toddler Foot care tips:

 1. When shopping for socks – they should be seamless ( to avoid rubbing of seams) and made from natural fiber's such as cotton. They must fit well. Too baggy and they'll bunch up, causing corns and blisters; too tight and they could squash her feet into an unnatural shape. The same goes for Babygro’s and onesies — make sure there's plenty of room for her feet to move, wiggle and grow. Keep checking the fit your baby socks and onesies frequently since your baby will grow out of them real soon!

 2. After a bath or washing your baby’s feet, dry them carefully to prevent chapping. Check her toenails, which will be soft, long and may curl around at the end.  Try cutting them straight across. Babies' toenails look so tiny and delicate, it's natural to feel nervous about trimming them, but there's no need to worry. Giving her a bath first will make her nails softer and easier to cut. When moisturising, don’t forget your baby’s little feet!

 3. Your baby's feet are so malleable, they're vulnerable to damage from ill-fitting shoes, so it's vital to ensure they are wearing the correct size. The cartilage in your baby's feet is a bit like jelly — once you put it into a mould, it will take on the shape of the mould,  so if her shoes don't fit properly, they could cause permanent damage to her feet.

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