Barefoot & Soft Soles

Posted by Sruthi Santosh on

Did you know our brains get as many sensory messages from our feet as our hands? With thick cushioned supportive shoes, we cut off an important sensory feedback from foot to brain. Mokksies moccasins are designed to support your baby’s growing feet by encouraging this natural experience. Each one of our Mokksies moccasins are handmade and cut from 100% natural genuine leather. Our ‘easy to care’ leather is ideal for hot, humid and cold weathers alike! Unlike plastic and synthetic material shoe, leather provides natural stretch for movement and breath-ability.

Nothing can bring a smile on a mum’s face like watching their little one playing with their toes and giggling, but did you know that this curling and wiggling and eating their toes is an important development process? Soft-soled footwear like Mokksies allow your baby to move his feet freely and to feel the ground as he walks. According to Lisa C. Moore, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine in Auburn, California, “Soft-soled baby shoes allow the beginning walker to grip the floor, developing strong ankles and flexible foot bones. This creates a solid foundation for bone and muscle formation in the rest of the body, especially the spinal column. A level pelvis and straight spine depend upon healthy feet throughout our entire lives, beginning in infancy.”

Our Mokksies not only help babies take their first steps, but also give them the confidence to walk, feel the ground and be fashionably protected from warm pavements, floor splinters, small rocks, and avoiding slipping on smoother surfaces. Mokksies understands a mother’s intention for giving “the best” for her baby and soft-soled footwear are the way to go!

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